Gallery Photo Shoot

This was one our favorite projects, working with renowned glass artist Adam “Hoobs” Whobrey. We approached Adam and asked him if wanted to do a high end photo shoot for his outstanding recent glass work. We were lucky and he agreed, we were also extremely fortunate to have the talents of lighting expert and photographer ZS Grant. The team at Buena Ventures was completely star struck to be working with both the talents of ZS and Hoobs to bring our vision to life. At the time, counter culture glass art photography had not reached its full potential and we thought what crime to not have such amazing art displayed in perfect lighting and to really give it a high end gallery vibe.

We feel this project was a complete success and paved the way for future glass photography, it warms our heart at Buena Ventures to finally see the wonders of counter culture glass art being displayed as the couture art pieces they were crafted to be.