Graphic Design/ Content/Logos for Dispensaries

Staring in 2010 through 2014 Buena Ventures was the lead design agency used by Medbox for multiple media ads, general graphic design, and branding each of its new locations. Additionally we created the content for multiple dispensary volunteer training guides along with editorials for Cannabis education. Medbox was a leading innovator in the Cannabis industry with its unique technology that was modernizing the dispensary model. Using a finger print technology to recognize registered patients, Medbox was ahead of the curve and technology of the Cannabis world.

Mebox was one of Buena Ventures first clients and it was a pleasure working with a team of professionals who were changing the face of the industry. While onto new ventures, the Medbox team is still thriving in the industry and continue to be strong innovators growing new ventures such as their current project,
Pineapple Express.